Effect Of High-Intensity Interval And Resistance Training On Agility And Vo2 Max Of Intercollegiate Men Kabaddi Players

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J Manimaran , Dr R Mohanakrishnan


Background: We examine the inter-collegiate men kabaddi players

Objectives: A total of 30 college players from south Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India at the age range of 17 to 25 participated in this study. That is made to determine the high-intensity interval and resistance training on agility and vo2 max of intercollegiate men kabaddi players.

Methods: The subjects were separated into three equal groups of 10 each. Experimental group-1 high-intensity interval training and group-2 resistance training and control group. Various high-intensity interval training and resistance training will be given for 8 weeks.  The data retrieval process is done by Agility was measured by the Illinois agility test and vo2 max was measured by the Queens College step test analysis at pre-test and post-test. Collected data’s will be analyzed by ANOVA. The level of confidence of 0.05 was fixed. 

Conclusion: The result of the research shows that high-intensity interval and resistance training gave a positive performance on agility and vo2 max when compared to the control group of inter-collegiate men kabaddi players.

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