Effectiveness Of Kettlebell Intervention On Speed And Muscular Endurance Among Women Volleyball Players

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C. Seethalakshmi , Dr. C. Suresh



The current study was conducted to assess the effect of Kettlebell training on selected physical parameters among women volleyball players. Forty (N=40) women volleyball players (age range 18-25) from SRM University were selected at randomly and divided into two groups (n=20) of control and experimental group. The kettlebell training group was subjected to specific self-structured training programme for six weeks (3 session per week, 60 minutes per session), while the control group did not under any special training, they are participated in regular volleyball training only. The dependent variables were speed and muscular endurance was examined before and after six weeks of kettlebell training in both groups. In order to find out the effect of kettlebell training on speed and muscular endurance among women volleyball players. The descriptive statistics and paired sample‘t’ test were used to find out the significant differences. In all the cases 0.05 levels of significance were fixed. The results of the study showed that there was significant improvement on muscular endurance and there was no significant improvement on speed due to influence of kettlebell training.

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