Usability And Outcomes Of Maternity Health Insurance In KSA: Vision 2030; Systematic Literature Review

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Rasha Musleh Alsaedi, Sayed Shahbal, Jaber Ali Nami, Roqayah Muhammad Kaber Alamin, Amal Wasil Alhazmi, Kawther Ali Albehade, Wafa Mohammed Alhazmi, Anan Ahmed Nayyaz , Dr.Mohammed Ibrahim Mufti, Nargis Salem Abu Efah, Raya Hammad Al


Background: Health is the basic virtue of life and is related to the various consequences that are faced by individuals. Women usually face different health consequences one of them is maternity. Maternity is a period of castration when a woman nourishes a child in her womb. For this reason, various methanol health insurance policies have been introduced in societies. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia's vision 2030 has introduced a pre-planned strategy for the women who are facing the period of castration will receive appropriate healthcare facilities including financial assistance.

Purpose: To understand the usability and outcome of maternity health insurance in KSA regarding Vision 2030.

Methodology: Systematic literature review was examined from the peered reviewed articles from the reliable and valid database from the year 2018 – 2022 written in the English language.

Conclusion: Maternity health insurance in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The usability and outcome of insurance are linked to the women’s financial issues that they faced during the maternity period, the maternity period requires assistance in the form of financial and physiological.

Implications: Through these women can improve their health quality and their infant upbringing. This results in the health care perspectives on understanding by the organizations. Therefore, the ministry of health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with the different other health councils facilitates women under vision 2030. 

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