The Effect Of Workload On The Commitment To Work For The Nurses, A Systematic Review

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Samiyah Obaylik Muqanna Alruwaili , Sayed Shahbal , Farah Awadh Alharbi , Wafa Ahmed Makrami , Mona Saad Alshehri , Rasha Oudah Alanazi , Naifah Oudah Alanazi , Futieem Momhmed Alenazi , Taghreed Abdullah Aldreehim , Basmh Mohammed Alharbi


Introduction: Nurses perform heavy duties in healthcare organizations. Therefore, they bear the workload in the organization to perform basic health care interventions for the patient. They are more committed to their healthcare practices because of their duties and personal sense of life. Nurses have the wider implementation and identification to construct the health care center into a productive system. It is often observed that nurses who perform greater practices in healthcare usually indulge in a healthcare scenario with a heavy workload.

Aim: To identify the effect of workload on the commitment to work nurses. 

Methodology: Qualitative systematic literature review was conducted from the peer-reviewed articles from the duration of 2018 to 2022 written in the English language based on inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Conclusion: healthcare organizations usually embed heavy workloads from the nursing perspective. This is because of their expertise and personality to deal with the different natures of an employee with the different healthcare interventions. All healthcare organizations usually try to compete with the stressful environment for the nurses. 

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