The Role Of Legilation And Media For Awareness Of Covid-19: A Study Of India And Pakistan

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Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Wattoo , Dr. Aatir Rizvi , Muhammad Azeem Farooqi


The Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) has sparked a global health crisis that has had a profound impact on the way we perceive our everyday life. India and Pakistan are facing several key challenges on the COVID-19 front. The media can play important role in disseminating information about the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). During times of public crises, media must ensure to communicate crisis information efficiently and effectively to the general public, otherwise, it may cause uncertainty, fear and anxiety. The basic motive of media is to inform society and to work for social welfare at a massive level as it targets the mass population. The legislations regarding COVID-19 have also played its role in provoking the people to prevent from pandemic. Electronic media can be used to improve public compliance with the safety measures proposed by global health organizations to combat the spread of COVID-19. Electronic media can create mass awareness of important COVID-19 issues through television commercials, specials and series features, by producing films and documentaries on this topic.

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