Professional Exhaustion Prevalence And Associated Factors In Doctors And Nurses In Cluster One Of Riyadh

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Azah Bajad Alotaibi, Sayed Shahbal , Fatimah Abdullah Almutawa , Hussain Salem Alomari , Hayfa Sultan Alsuwaylih , Jedal Mohammad Aljohani , Amirah Senaitan Alharbi , Manal Mufareh Alburemi , Najla Hassan Alshehri , Samiyh Moufleh Almutairi


Background: Health is the most important factor in the life of an individual. healthcare providers usually encounter several factors that are threatening their professionalism and life. Therefore, this factor not only affects their professionalism and exhaustion from their professional experiences but also introduced the phenomenon of burnout, extremism, and lack the skilled professionalism.

Aim: The aim of the present study was to the professional exhaustion prevalence and associated factors among doctors and nurses working in cluster one of Riyadh kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Method: studies utilize the quantitative cross-sectional Research Design through the questionnaire-based survey methodology upon the 400-sample size from the doctors and nurses working in cluster one of Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Results: the greater value of Burnout and Depersonalization was observed with a 95% of confidence interval and a 5% chance of error. this indicates personal achievement among the doctors and nurses reduces to the lower level. results also indicated that age and year of experience have a greater impact on professional exhaustion among healthcare practitioners.

Conclusion: Healthcare practitioners usually get exhausted because of the factors that are related to Burnout and depersonalization. this affects the personal strength of self-containment, confidence, and self-esteem. moreover, it also adds to the personal achievement in their Healthcare dilemma and practices.

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