The Relationship Between Electronic Cigarette Smoking And Asthma And The Role Of Mental Health In This Relationship-A Systematic Literature Review

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Raniya Abdo Refai, Dr. Mazhar Iqbal Bhatti (PhD Psychology), Ali Aali Alharbi, Mohammed Mesfer Alharthi, Bander Ghormallah Alzahrani, Bandar Mohammed Hawsawi, Mohammed Ahmed Alasiri, Mohammad Yahya Alwdani, Mohammad Abdurahman Mohammad Algarni


Background: Electronic cigarettes first time were introduced in 5000 BC e in Europe. later, in 2003 by a Chinese scientist, Hon Lik invented similar phenomena of electronic cigarette in a new name of vaping. Vape affects the respiratory tract and becomes the cause of asthma among the smokers. role of Mental Health Cannot be overstated in this matter. it has its potential impression on the relationship.

Aim: The present literature review addresses the relational Linkage between the conception of electronic cigarettes the customer progression through the understanding of Mental Health among the smokers.

Method. Data was extracted from 2018 to 2022 from the reputed database including Google scholar, Emerald Insight, research Gate, PubMed, Medline, Taylor and Francis, and Springer link. All the data affiliated with and consulted to Scopus and web of science. Vos-viewer bibliometric assessment indicates the clusters form of data showing the results of authors, countries’ journals, and keywords.

Result: Total number of articles obtained from the database is 105,421. after the proper screening process operationalized through the PRISMA 2020 Flowchart the qualitative data remain to 30 datasets.

Conclusion: Electronic cigarettes are carcinogenic to the health and cause wear damage to the lungs. this cause asthma among cigarette smokers and affects their mental health. Mental health affects the relationship between electronic cigarettes and asthma in a reversible manner. 

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