Perception of Covid-19 Contagion using Receptacle Fluoroscopy by applying Deep Learning Methodology

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Dr. Komala C R, Dr. Syed Mustafa, Dr. R. Aruna, Prof. Sonia Maria DSouza


This Occurrence of 2019 with a new contagion, known as Corona virus started its infection in the city of Wuhan located in China has blown out rapidly countrywide. The diffusion of contagion took only 30 days to move from Hubei to the remaining part of China. This became a global pandemic. This serious disease may lead to death as a result of damage and respirational failure. Even though testing done at laboratories today i.e., remedial diagnosis is the ideal standard for proven diagnosis, some false negatives may be produced by the test. Furthermore, the scarcity of testing resources remedial diagnosis is delaying the following clinical treatment. Under these circumstances, we can use chest CT imaging and classifying using deep learning for both diagnosis and prognosis of Corona virus patients which can lessen the necessities of labor-intensive labelling of CT images. From the favourable outcomes acquired qualitatively and quantitatively, prediction can be done on a large positioning of the advanced procedure in large-scale remedial trainings.

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