Basic Elements Of Modern Civilization And Islamicthoughts -An Analytical Study

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Dr.Ghulam Ali Khan , Dr. Ammara Khan , Dr.Shafaqat Ali


In this research paper, the basic elements of modern civilization are to be presented as a research review and the resulting effects and results are to be described in a research style. The research style of this paper will be narrative. It has been known that after the exclusion of religion from the affairs of life, the question arises that despite all its flaws, religion plays an important role in keeping different classes and groups of society united. In the absence of religion, which the thing would provide a guarantee of unity among the various units of the society. To fill this gap, the concept of nationality was given. Therefore, nationalism or nationalism (also known as patriotism or patriotism) is a belief that is believed to fill the lack of a common cause and unifying factor among different countries after the end of religion. According to this belief, the nation has the same status as the Sharia (prophet) in religion. The nation is free from error. It is not possible to slip and make mistakes. All people are his property and their obedience to him is obligatory. He has the right to decide whatever he wants in any matter. The first and last loyalty of an individual is only for the nation and failure in it is no less than disbelief. The result of this way of thinking was that it became almost impossible for different nations and countries to think beyond the boundaries of their political domination and colonialism. The main points of this research are that the readers will get knowledge.

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