Causes Of Moral Degradation, In The Light Of Islamic Perspective And Contemporary Philosophical Ideas

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Dr. Ammara Khan , Dr.Ghulam Ali Khan , Hafiz Muhammad Hamid


This article presents a comprehensive collection of the causes of moral decay, Islamic perspective and contemporary philosophical ideas as a research review and a large collection of discussions on the various aspects arising from this Ummah. This particular form is the wealth and wealth of the world and the causes of the world, so, in every era, the splendor of the world has been a great test for man and many riots have been the prominent cause of crimes and killings, but in this era, this temptation has increased many sins compared to all the past eras. The reason is that the progress of science and technology has put innumerable items of pleasures, comforts and decorations at the foot of life, due to which the world has become more colorful and attractive than before. Therefore, it has become difficult to escape from its charm. Therefore, today's man is madly chasing after the acquisition of material necessities as the first and last goal of life, and in this journey, the distinction between lawful, unlawful, and halal and haram is disappearing. Moral values are being undermined and norms and rules are being ignored as outdated and stereotyped outdated. Man has gone so far in the race of materialism that the sanctity of relationships is losing. Words like sincerity, love, virtue, modesty, loyalty and compassion and goodwill are losing their importance. In their place, values like greed, greed, selfishness, immorality, disloyalty, indecency, indifference and coldness are in vogue. The main points of this research are that the readers will get knowledge.

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