Introduction And Development Of Body Language And Its Importance In Education (An Overview In The Context Of Contemporary And Islamic Teachings)

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Ajaz Hussain , Dr. Badshah Rehman , Dr. Mian Mujahid Shah , Dr. Abdul Naseer , Dr. Shafiqa Bushra , Anwar Muhammad


Nowadays, people are developing significantly in every field of life, thanks to the development in the field of communication. Because the whole world has become a "global village", new scales and new dimensions have been realized in these media, body language is a living example of this. Addresses and speeches devoid of body language, body language or body language, no matter how eloquent and enthusiastic, are considered substandard.

Nowadays, body language has become an important topic in the modern world. Generally, when the upper classes meet, everyone pays attention to their body language, and comments are made on them in the electronic and print media. It has its own experts and conducts different courses from time to time. Now, when this body language is examined in the light of Islamic teachings, important and accurate information is provided. This not only proves that Islam is a complete code of life, but This is also an argument for its authenticity. In the paper under investigation, the introduction, evolution and necessity and importance of body language have been evaluated in the light of contemporary and Islamic teachings. I hope that this paper will prove to be innovative as well as useful for the readers. I hope that this paper will be useful as well as innovative to the readers and will help future researchers to work on this topic.

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