Financial Planning For Rural And Poor Urban People To Fight Against Pandemic Situation And Survive

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Dr. Swati Bandi , Dr. Jyoti Suvalka , Dr. Lavika Jaroli


Today not only India but the whole world is suffering from the prevailing pandemic situation called COVID-19. This corona virus has laid its mark globally. Prevailing situation in an alarming situation which has not only collapsed our economy but also it has made long term damage on growth prospects; it has not only strained the human capital through lost work but also scraped the savings and investment of population. During this pandemic everybody has realized the importance of saving money or keeping an emergency fund so that one can fight against and survive in these high uncertainties. The study will try focus on financial planning for rural and poor urban people which are now financially included in the Indian Financial System through Jan Dhan Yojana.

As we  know in India rich is becoming more richer and poor is getting more poorer because rich people have many financial consultants/plans which leads to wealth creation on the other side this unprivileged section of the society is always left aside in getting poorer, so in this  study researcher will be holding hand of this unprivileged section of the society and suggesting some financial plans and will be focusing on the creating models through which they can channelize their savings and investment so that they can have their own contingency fund to fight against these pandemic situation which may come across in future.

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