Furniture Design Of Condominium Tenants In China Based On Modular System Case Study Of Public Condominium In Chongqing

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Xi Chen and Rosjana Chandhasa


Since the implementation of the Public Rental Housing Policy in 2010 and when the state is vigorously developing the construction of public rental housing, public rental housing has become an important part of the housing of low-income people. This has greatly improved the living conditions of urban groups with housing, but due to the relatively compact area of public rental housing and the limited economic income of tenants, the problem of difficult renting still exists. Therefore, the furniture is very difficult to buy the suitable furniture in residential areas. The research objectives of this paper is to design the furniture design suitable for the tenants of public rental housing in Chongqing by using the principle of modular system. Its research method is to study the characteristics and combination mode of modular furniture through the modular theoretical analysis, the tenant situation data research and the qualitative analysis method. The research scope is the existing public rental housing in Chongqing, and the typical communities are selected for specific analysis.

The results of the research found that the use of modular system furniture design is more suitable for the characteristics of public rental housing tenants. This paper use modular system to build furniture and make a demonstration of Furniture design. In the public rental housing model in Chongqing, the modular furniture is small, flexible, recyclable, replaceable and easy to transport, which can well meet the needs of tenants for public rental housing

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