Impact Of Social Networking Sites’ Promotions On Consumer Behaviour In The Indian Weddings

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Harsh Singh , Dr. R.K. Motwani


The growing digital and technological dependence on creating a picture-perfect and larger-than-life D-day is driving people to feel the pressure and pass it on to the behind-the-scenes crew. Some dedicated firms are working on creating magic for the people and sharing the same on their social networking sites, which in a way creates new demand for them and hence creates a new ecosystem that is governed by social networking sites. It is a nowhere-hidden fact that whatever we do in our lives is greatly influenced by what we see and share on these platforms. Instagram and Facebook are the two main flag bearers that have changed the way we see our weddings. They have created a new way of celebrating this biggest social affair what we call a wedding. This study tries to find out the dependence of the major elements of Indian weddings on social networking sites and how consumer behaviour gets on changing with them. This study also tries to find out how these social networking sites impact the perception and motivation that drives people to select destination weddings. This study tries to see the impact that social networking sites have created in developing pressure among middle-class families and the trend of following their peer group regardless of their economic conditions. In the nutshell, this research paper will help a lot of people working in the wedding market to understand how social networking sites impact consumer behaviour undergoing weddings.

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