An Assessment Of Business Assistance Provided To Self Help Groups In Tribal Sub Plan (Tsp) Region Of Rajasthan

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Satyveer Singh Meena , Hanuman Prasad


This paper explained about the different types of business assistance provided by the Self Help Groups (SHGs) to their members. Apart from this members opinion were identified in respect of adequacy of business assistance and level of satisfaction. The review of existing studies suggests that members can be benefited in different aspects by joining SHGs. Based on the literature review relating to different types of assistance to SHGs the hypothesis members perceive that SHGs do not provide adequate business assistance to members was tested. For the purpose of the study 300 SHGs members were examined in Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) region of Rajasthan. For calculation of assistance and its appropriateness for the SHGs 5-Point Likert scale and one-sample t-test used. From the study it was found that, the members perceive that SHG provides adequate business assistance to them. SHG members agreed to receive adequate support for establishment of business including support in marketing, enhancement in decision making, and enhancing financial literacy.K e y w o r d s: SHGs, Business assistance, Members, Tribal Sub Plan Region, Activities, Correlation, Opinions and Reasons

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