Analyzing Individual Psychology In Sudhamurthy “Mahashweta”

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Mahalakshmi. A , Dr. Vennila. V


Male domination, women’s suffering is always a never-ending exercise. In India, women are expected to be ideal people who should always stand as a symbol of their culture. Meanwhile, women are put in situations that torment them later, which psychologically affects them vehemently. To have an innate idea of the psyche of any individual, Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist, introduced the concept of “Individual Psychology.” Individual psychology is a psychological method which deals with the process of an individual striving from inferiority to superiority. Every individual’s behaviour is influenced by their environment and past experiences as well. They strive hard to find self-ideals that guide them to achieve their goals. It is an innate ability of any human being to be a part of society. Adler states that an unconscious part of our human goal is to reach superiority from inferiority, which is an actual process of being whole. This proposed work, “Analyzing Individual Psychology in Sudhamurthy “Mahashweta” aims to find the inferiority events in Anupama’s life that spurred her to attain superiority, as Adler’s Psychology states, and how they subsequently resulted in her becoming an indivisible whole.

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