Technical Levels And Their Sustainable Design Gradation In Contemporary Interior Spaces (As A Case Study) For The Poland Pavilion In Dubai – As A Model

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Ass. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jarallah Tawfik , Taqwa Mohammed Farhan


The idea of ​​sustainable architecture is a study of architecture with clear design features, including internal spaces with technical levels through its response to many concepts about the impact of human activities on the internal environment that expresses sustainability. Also, the term sustainable design gradient is used to distinguish design ideas from others by creating an internal environment with a sustainable design gradient, and when we follow up on that, we find that this gives the designer lessons on how to stay within the local environment in a similar way. In light of that, the research problem is reflected in the following question: What are technical levels? And what is the role of these levels on the sustainable design gradient in the contemporary interior spaces of the Poland exhibition pavilion in Dubai (a model)?

While the importance of the research lies in studying the necessity of openness to the developments of the era with a sustainable design gradient through the study of the designer to the credibility of the new design idea based on the design persuasion with advanced design intellectual visions, while the research aims to reveal the technical levels, including the inclusion of a sustainable design gradient in The contemporary interior spaces of the Poland exhibition pavilion in Dubai. The research study also included the axes of the theoretical framework as well as the research procedures represented in the research methodology based on the descriptive analytical approach (case study). Finally, the research study included extracting the most important results, conclusions, recommendations and future proposals.

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