The Impact Of Inclusive Leadership On Project Success: Mediating Role Of Employee Engagement And Moderating Role Of Leader Self-Sacrifice

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Muhammad Javid Nawaz , Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Employee engagement acts as a mediator, self-sacrifice of leader acts as a moderator, and inclusive leadership and project success are examined in this study. This study is being conducted in a Pakistani project-based organisation, to be more precise. It was decided to use convenience sampling to get data from project staff. Data were gathered from 400 employees of the top project management companies in Pakistan in each major city using a validated questionnaire. In order to analyse the information gathered from the respondents, SPSS and Smart PLS were employed. The data supported every other hypothesis with the exception of the one that self-sacrifice by leaders moderates the relationship between inclusive leadership and employee engagement. Positive connections between inclusive leadership and project success have been found. It has also been demonstrated that employee engagement functions as a mediator between the two factors. The results also lend credence to the idea that a leader's readiness to give up something in favour of a larger good can have a moderating effect. Discussions about the theoretical and practical ramifications.

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