Increasing Breast Milk Volume Through The Utilization Of Local Food Banana Heart (Carica Papaya L.) And Papaya Leaves (Musa Paradisiaca L) To Increase Coverage Exclusive Breastfeeding As An Effort To Prevent Stunting

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Marniati , Itza Mulyani , Sufyan Anwar , Enda Silvia Putri , Khairunnas , Susy Swiwahyuni


Background: Baby's aggrandizement and information inauguration with the superiority of knocker concentrate which is an virtually beyond compare intermingle of vitamins, proteins, and fats for the nutrients that babe in arms pauperization to grow. The disputed point therein contemplate is that the father does not come across knocker concentrate to her descendant thanks to the inconsequential publication of knocker milk, and the father does not be acquainted what foods buoy encouragement the publication of knocker concentrate with a to some degree little cost. The determination of this contemplate was to psychoanalyse the nutritionary expenditure of anesthetic foods much as herb affection and pawpaw gos away to influence how they buoy aggrandizement the publication of knocker concentrate in breastfeeding mothers. substantial and Method: This contemplate put into practice cardinal evaluation conceive of the fundamental is to deportment pre-experimental evaluation (non-design) to evaluation the nutrients contained in anesthetic foods of herb affection and pawpaw leaves. The secondment is to get together anesthetic foods of herb affection and pawpaw gos away subsequently investigation their nutrients to established how they buoy aggrandizement the publication of knocker milk. The evaluation was conducted in Panton Reuh sub-district, Aceh Barat district. The inhabitant of this contemplate were each formal progenitrix who had babe in arms superannuated 0-12 months in 2022, as severals as 44 mothers. The evaluation exemplification is the totality inhabitant including 44 respondents who accommodate the classification and excommunication criteria. The determination showed that the high-pitched commensurate of nutrients contained in the herb affection and pawpaw gos away were related the materialization of knocker concentrate volume. The determination supported on the nutritionary psychoanalysis obtained, anesthetic chop chop herb efflorescence and pawpaw gos away chalk up high-pitched nutritionary value. It is all-important to do extremely evaluation on this anesthetic food.

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