The Future Of The Israeli Occupation In Palestine

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Dr. Ibrahim Saqir AL-zaeem , Dr. Mohammed H. AlAqad


Despite the growing military power of 'Israel' and the increase in the Arab normalization with the Israeli occupation, several emblems indicate the near fall of the Israeli occupation. This study aims to recognize the reality of the Israeli community, realize the resistance advancement and Israel's retreat, and understand the international transformations and their impact on the Palestine-Israel conflict. Using the historical approach, the researcher addresses three main topics: Palestine's Geography and Reality of the Israeli Community, Israeli Retreat and Resistance Advancement, and Surrounding Changes and American Retreat. Several results emerge from the study; most prominently, the end of the Israeli occupation is a fact confirmed by Quran, Sunna, and the reality's readings. Moreover, the Palestinians are demographically surpassing the occupation despite the continuous killing crimes practised against them, and the occupation’s society is both fragmented and discriminating, threatening its structure.

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