Analysis Of The Teaching And Research Methods Of Eastern And The Western Higher Educational Institutions

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Prof. Dr. Fazlur Rahman , Mr. Farid Ullah Khan , Ms. Zuha Rahman


The number of universities has multiplied both in the East and West over the past few decades. As the dynamics of education and learning methods are changing and are driven by technological advancements, the two parallel higher education systems have made universities one of the most significant types of organizations for fostering the development of society’s brightest young minds. The purpose of this research is to provide a concise overview of the evolution of university-level or higher education in East and the West. It is attempted to draw similarities and differences between the two education systems with respect to teaching and research methods. This is a descriptive study, so the content of the respective education systems is thoroughly examined, with a focus on Eastern and the Western higher educational institutions. The paper is concluded with some recommendations.

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