Attitudes Of Media And Communication Students Towards The Effectiveness Of E-Learning Systems During The Corona Pandemic (Covid-19) - A Survey Study

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Dr. Khalid Ibrahim


The study addressed to identify the attitudes of media and communication students towards the effectiveness of e-learning systems in light of the sudden change from the traditional teaching style in the classroom to e-learning style during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19), and to identify the interaction forms that media and communication students doing it, the problems they face and how to overcome them when they use educational systems. The researcher used descriptive methodology and questionnaire as a tool for collecting information. The most important results of the study are: Media and communication students prefer the e-learning style to the traditional learning style during the Corona Pandemic. Sometimes they face technical problems when they enter lectures and electronic exams. The interaction forms they doing through e-learning systems are to identify the announcements of exam dates, browse content and educational materials, return to recorded audio and video lectures, chat and instant messaging, group discussion of lessons and research, follow links to websites related to courses, obtaining feedback from courses instructors. The study recommended diversifying the interactive forms in the available educational means in a way that aligns with the requirements of e-learning during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19), the necessity development of e-learning systems so that the system sends notifications to the educational process parties to alert the start of the electronic lecture time and that students are not late for scheduled lectures. 

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