The Prevalence Of Unwanted (Sexual) Behaviour Among Children With Disabilities

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Dr. Mohammed A. Bazuhair , Prof. Sahar Ziedan Zaien


Purpose: The problem of sexual abuse among children with disabilities is widely prevalent in developing countries due to lax policies on children’s protection and lack of awareness. The objective is to find out the phenomenon of sexual abuse in the case of disabled children in Saudi Arabia.

Method: In this quantitative survey study, the prevalence of sexual abuse was evaluated in the region of Tabuk and 40 participants completed the study questionnaire. The study survey questionnaire has 20 items.

Result: The results revealed that sexual abuse of children with disabilities is a widespread problem that is often underreported. Children with intellectual disabilities are more prone to being sexually abused. Besides that, it was found out that physical harassment is the dominant abuse faced by disabled children.

Conclusion: The issue of sexual abuse is widespread among disabled children. Besides, that childhood was found to be an extremely vulnerable age stage. Current findings also revealed the significant role of school administration in recognising the sexual abuse of disabled children.

Key Words: Disabled Children, Prevalence, Sexual Abuse, unwanted behaviour

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