Flexible Furniture Design And It's Reflection On The Interior Spaces (Turkish University Dormitory As A Model)

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Mohamed Hassan H. Alhilo , Mudar Reda Hussein


Furniture is an integral and inseparable element of the interior architecture, and its design depends on it's function and the space. The various forms of the flexible furniture that adapt to the interior design of the building through the multiplicity of its functions, which can be converted from one form to another and from one function to another that suits the design and its various forms. The researchers have looked up many student room designs in Turkish university dormitories. Innovation has a role in the design of the flexible furniture and its relationship to internal spaces. So, the research problem is: What is the innovation and what the role does it play in the design of flexible furniture? While the significant of this study is: it seeks to highlight the innovative, functional and aesthetic aspect of flexible furniture and its reflection on the interior spaces of student rooms in the university. While the objective of the research study is to identify the innovative capabilities in the design of flexible furniture that contribute to clarifying practical solutions that suit the user. It's spatial and temporal limits also included the internal spaces represented by student rooms in the university dormitories of Turkish universities 2021, then the researchers dealt with the theoretical framework, and then the researchers dealt with the research procedures to reach the results, that one of them : The design structure emerged with all the external and esoteric relationships of the design structures formed according to a container of phenotypic qualities that it was achieved (100%) for the first and second models, in addition to being a carrier of aesthetic values, which was achieved (100%) for the first model, while it was achieved by (50%) for the second model. While one of the conclusions was: the dynamics of the university housing for students showed that it requires a flexible design because it contributes greatly to providing more design in the interior spaces that contribute to the flow and flexibility of the design, as well as the formation of flexible furniture units with innovative and dynamic designs, including folding and multi-purposes and multifunctional furniture.

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