Design Of A Bimodal Learning In Higher Education “Case Of The Higher School Of Education And Training In Berrechid”

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Yousaf Khiat , Azeddine Khiat


The extension of the educational offer to higher education requires more premises, human resources and material resources. Something that is not covered by the existing infrastructure in a lot of educational structures in Morocco. Thus, our article proposes a reflection on a learning model that tries to overcome the deficit due to the increase in the number of students at the Higher School of Education and Training in Berrechid (ESEFB) in the academic year (2022-2023). It is about bimodal learning and the conditions that allow it to be implemented. The architecture of this model revolves around three systems: pedagogical, technological and organizational. These are available in collaborative classes, organized synchronously face-to-face and remotely. Ultimately, this contribution opens up avenues for the development of a process approach in the operationalization of bimodal education. Thus, it triggers a research project that will begin with the design of the model, its experimentation and its adoption to lead to its generalization.

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