Analysis Of Drug's Law In The Perspective Of Modern And Islamic Law

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Nadia Alam , Dr.Aqeel Ahmad , Dr. HM Azhar Usama


Addiction is a kind of disease that affects all the body, brain, behavior, and personality of a person. It have been a problem for human communities for a long time. The problem has become even worse since its use has become broad and people can provide it manually and by industrial equipment. Regarding the depth of its teachings, Islam has focused its main attention on human being in this and the other worlds. Islam has acknowledged and valued wisdom more than any other religion and never admitted inflicting harm on human beings. Therefore, Islam has seriously prohibited this act and it has been certainly known as a forbidden act by the Islam. This article studied laws and foundations of prohibition of narcotic drugs, which are included in cases Islam has prohibited. All the concepts approve the claim which the authors of this article have studied them. Unjust enrichment, avoiding from unclearness and wickedness, abstaining from any evil acts and narcotic drugs use as a leader of all evil deeds, and destroying oneself. Furthermore, the foundation of the prohibition of narcotic drugs can help authorities with their mission in campaigning against it. The authorities will be able to prioritize fighting against drugs, and finally eradicate them with peace of mind and easefully with accessing to legitimate authorization and religious orders based on the prohibition of the narcotic drugs in Islam.

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