Scientific And Quranic Explanation Of The Collapse Of The Universe

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Hafiz Muhammad Hamid , Msroor Ahmad , Muhammad Khalid , Dr.Shafaqat Ali



This article is a research and analytical review of the scientific and Qur'anic interpretation of the universe being wrapped up, but it presents a vast collection, and there is a large collection of discussions on various aspects arising from it. .The science of astrophysics clarifies the matters related to the Day of Resurrection exactly as they have been described in the Holy Qur'an. The Holy Qur'an also confirms black holes or invisible collapsed stars as invisible passages. The picture of the universe created by modern science is a very solid and organized universe. It was first hypothesized that it is a kind of mechanical system that operates on its own due to causes, but a deeper study proved this hypothesis baseless. It turns out that the system of the universe is solid as well as completely non-mechanistic. He calls for a motivator and organizer every time. Similarly, with the increase of information, it was assumed that men own knowledge would be sufficient to know all the facts; there would be no need to resort to revelation. The main points of this research are that the readers will get familiarity with the scientific and Quranic interpretation of the wrapping of the universe.

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