Perceived Parenting Styles, Perceived Academic Success And Psychological Issues Among Primary Students In Online Learning Programs

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Marrij Asma , Jawaad Ahmed , Rafia Batool , Awais Nasir , Aleen Fatima , Dr. Ismat Ullah Cheema


This research aimed to determine students' perceptions of parenting styles perceived, academic success, and psychological issues among primary students in online learning programs in COVID-19. The data was collected from government and private educational institutes. It was hypothesized that there would be a significant negative correlation between rejection and academic achievement among students. The sample size consists of (N=120) both boys and girls. (n=64 boys, n=56 girls). Data were collected from participants in 4-6 classes/grades. A Correlational research design and a purposive sampling technique were used to collect participants' data. The relationship between variables was discovered using a correlation analysis T.test applied to see the difference in variables among genders. To find out perceived parenting styles, academic achievement, and psychological issues with E-Learning, use three tools, the S-EMBU scale, Academic Self Perception Scale, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale DASS-21 Items, respectively. Primary level (4-6) class students take online classes and face many difficulties, one of which is that they cannot take classes themselves and require parental assistance and supervision. The results revealed that there was a significant relationship between overprotection both in girls and boys; also, there was a significant positive relationship between Emotional Warmth and perceived higher academic achievement. On the other hand, there would be a negative correlation between rejection and academic achievement among students.

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