Attribution Of Cyber Attacks: A Proposed Dispute Resolution Mechanism

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Dr. Mian Muhammad Sheraz , Dr. Fazli Dayan , Sajida Faraz , Dr. Muhammad Zubair Khan , Ashraf Ali


Definitely, technical growth opens up a worldwide technological realm subject to cyber intrusion. Individual safety and confidentiality are intended to be safeguarded by the governments under the legal traditions. Transnational cyber infiltration targeting state entities raises new issues. The subject of whether jus ad bellum is adequate to regulate different cyber intrusions has been widely debated. Similarly, the issue of defining cyber-attacks as armed assaults has been heavily contested. Hence, some argue that the legal norms regulating war are inadequate to cover new types of assaults carried via global internet. Therefore, this article examines the question of cyber warfare from the angle that, when cyber attacks take place? And what possible remedies are available to the victim state? Accordingly, a measure of the remedial mechanism for nations in international law is taken into account based on current circumstances. Since, the existing system of remedies does not address the concerns of governments about cyber activities. Thus, a new possible platform for state remedies is presented.

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