Recognition Of Minor Sexual Abuse And Social Media: An Analysis Of Social Media In Pakistan

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Dr. Hassan Naseer , Dr. Abdul Ghani , Dr Sidra Noreen , Dr. Muhammad Kashan Atif


World is more distress about Child sexual abuse now a days in comparison of past. The term Child abuse incorporates bodily, emotional and sexual abuse of children. This research is conducted to investigate function of social media (Facebook, WhatsApp) of Pakistan with address to the child sexual abuse. The researchers have used qualitative method of Intensive interviews to collect data for the research. The sample of 50 headss of families of victimized children who had been sexually molested was collected. The collection of data states clearly that social media of Pakistan is not spreading awareness and information about child sexual abuse. The findings revealedthat social issues give less coverage in comparison of political and entertainment content in Pakistani social media. Outcomesshown that social media are not accomplishing its obligation for being socially responsible about minor sexual abuse. It is not fulfilling its role of  educating the Pakistani people about any prevention techniques. Pakistani social media must expose and educate Pakistani society about the unbearable crime.

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