Effect Of Yoga On The Psychological Wellbeing Of Medical Students

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Anant S Kukade and Rajesh S K


Objective: Medical students appear to be one group that is most sensitive to psycho-spiritual imbalance during their undergraduate studies, particularly during their first year. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the impact of a yoga-based intervention on the psychological well-being of female homoeopathic medical students.

Design: This study used 76 female homoeopathic medical students in a two-group pre-post randomised waitlist control design.

Materials and Methods: The yoga group received a specially tailored yoga module for sixty minutes every day for three months, whereas the control group received no intervention. Happiness, sleep, spiritual wellbeing, mindfulness, well-Being, and perseverative Thinking were all assessed at baseline and three months later.

Results: In summary, all measures indicated statistically significant differences between the yoga and control groups, with the exception of dissonance scores in spiritual wellbeing, core negative thinking in perseverative thinking, and sleep quality.

Discussions: These preliminary findings indicate that incorporating yoga-based interventions into medical education is viable and enhance psychological wellbeing.

Conclusions: The use of Yoga as a preventative or remedial measure in the health maintenance of medical students can be explored further.

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