The Impact Of Social Media On University Going Students In Lahore, Pakistan

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Dr. Ghulam Yaseen , Dr Sajid Anwar , Fouzia Jameel , Dr Muhammad iqbal , Dr Muhammad Hafeez Tahir


Social media has become increasingly important in our daily lives as Internet and telecommunications technology have advanced. Allowing people to exchange information regardless of distance or time constraints, promotes social interaction. Every sector of society, particularly higher education, has been affected and modified throughout time by the application of this media. This media is being used by matric students as well as students in higher education for both academic and non-academic purposes. This article's goal was to evaluate how social media affects the university going students.  When asked if social media had an impact on their education, a total of 150 students responded. Out of them, 71 (47.33%) responded positively, while 79 (52.66%) responded negatively. It demonstrates how positively using social media has an impact on students' education. The implication is that social media use has helped these students' academic achievement. The main platform used by students were Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube. To achieve this, the study recommended that social media should be used for educational purposes as well; that social networking sites should be expanded; that new pages be created on existing social networking sites; and that students' use of social networking sites should be observed by teachers and parents.

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