Prevalent Leadership Styles And Its Traits In Digitalized Era: A Case Study On Engineering Colleges Of Himachal Pradesh Technical University

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Vijay Kumar Chouhan , Dr. Megha Mehta


Fast evolving digital technology has fundamentally changed the institutions in irreversible manner including the leadership practices.Effectiveness of leadersis critical for survival and competitiveness of any institution, which arises the need for identifying successful leadership practices.Disruptive changes in the leadership practices due to digital transformationhas resulted in new speciesof leaders. These new species of leaders require different traitsand skills to work in digitalized environment. These leaders have to work in digital environment in whichdigital connect, rapid decisions, thinking, reasoning, collaboration, co-creation, teamwork, innovation, creativity, problem solving, empowering others, liaising, stress management, empathy and critical thinking will be needed. The current study focuses on identifying the leadership stylewhich is most prevalent in the engineering colleges of Himachal Pradesh Technical University. It was concluded that phronetic leadership style was most prevalent and creative leadership style was least prevalent leadership style whereas,altrocentric leadership style and anticipatory leadership styleswere found to be similar and their preference lies between phronetic and creative leadership styles.


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