Role Of Fathers’ Expressed Emotions As Determinant Of Depression And Social-Emotional Competence In Adolescents

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Dr. Shammem Akhtar , Asma Rafiq , Rabia Kouser , Unaiza Rizwan , Saman Arshad


Background: To study the role of fathers’ expressed emotions as determinant of depression and social-emotional competence in adolescents.

Methods: The cross sectional study was conducted in the district Gujrat and Multan Pakistan from Sep 2021 to Oct 2022 and  through purposive sampling technique five hundred adolescents were selected,  from different colleges and schools and five hundred fathers of same adolescents   approached  from the community and their working places. For this purpose Parental Expressed Emotions Scale 1 was used and to assess the psychopathology and social-emotional competence in adolescents, Kutcher Adolescent Depressions Scale, 2 and Social Emotional-Competence Scale 3 were used and data was analyzed by using SPSS-21.

Results: The adolescents whose age range was from 12-19 years with a mean age of 16 years were recruited. In which 229 (46%) were boys and 271 (54%) were girls. Results showed, that the father’ expressed emotions were significant predictor of depression, and social-emotional competence in adolescents at the level of (p<0.00).

Conclusion: Father expressed emotions found to be significant predictor of depression and social-emotional competence in adolescents.

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