Role Of Pharmacist In Home Medicine Review Services Of Mysuru City

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Byadgi Revenasiddappa Jaidev Kumar , Nallupalli Paramakrishnan , Rakshith Udigala Renukaprasad , Mysore Shivakumar Shwetha Shree , Gajendrian Hemavathi , Sanjay Ravindra , Divya Durai Babu


Introduction: : Patients with medication related problems will not be able to achieve correct therapeutic end point which can ultimately result further progression of disease and complications of disease. The common risk factors of medication related problems are such as increased co morbidities, hepatic impairment, renal impairment, lack of certain biological enzymes such as glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase , safety of medications that needs to be considered in specialised population such as pregnant and lactating women followed by infants, children, and elderly persons. Today in India there are lot of drug related problems which goes unnoticed as most of the medical case sheets in hospitals are not properly screened due to lack of clinical pharmacy services which do not exist in most of the hospitals.

Objective of the study: To assess the medication related problems among chronically ill patients.

Methodology: Patients who met study criteria were enrolled in this research study, followed by standard operating procedure of home medicine review was applied to carry out this research study. Drug related problems of enrolled patients were evaluated by applying Hepler and Strand drug related problem scale.

Results and Discussion: The pharmacist intervention rate in this research study were found was 58%. The medication related problems identified in this study were drug given without indication which was accountable for 32 % followed by drug duplication 5.21%, drug interactions 11% and adverse drug reactions 6.52 %.

Conclusion: This research study concludes that prevalence of drug related problems among elderly patients were accountable for 40.49 % among Home Medicine Review in Mysore city due to more comorbidity which had resulted more number of medications with respect to individual medical case. Elderly patients will have lot of confusion which makes difficult to follow strict directions of medications prescribed by concerned consultant. The situation of elderly patients can make still more miserable when no family members are living with them. Therefore in this type of situation role of pharmacist can play important role in creating more awareness of medications to elderly patients.

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