Systematic Review: Effects Of Exposure To Mercury (Hg) As A Cause Of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Asd) In Children

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Giga Ayu Permatasari , Abdul Rohim Tualeka , Mohd Yusmaidie , Syamsiar S Russeng , Pudji Rahmawati , Ahsan Ahsan , Indri H Susilowati , Rasmaliah , Suwardi , Laela Agrista Devilia


Introduction: The prevalence of autistics in the world currently reaches 15-20 cases per 10,000 children or ranges from 0.l5-0.20%. Autistic is a very complex developmental disorder in children, starting to appear before the age of 3 years. Mercury has an influence on events. Mercury has an influence in the onset of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) disorder in children. Purpose: The purpose of writing a literature review is to determine the effects of mercury exposure as the cause of Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children. Methods: The inclusion criteria used are the population of children and pregnant women, exposure to the effects of mercury on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), research articles, articles published in 2012-2022 and english language. while the exclusion criteria used are abstract, research article, and type of quantitative research. Data sources from Pubmendley and sciencedirect started from 2012 to 2022. Results: total data based on searches using keywords A,B (n=13,084), focus on mercury and autism incidence (n=6),methods used (n=46), full or abstrack article type (n=6),inclusion criteria (n=6), 2012-2022(n=6). Discussion : There is a weak relationship between mercury and the incidence of Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). However, the literature review has limitations so it is necessary to re-research the negative impact of the brand on Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Conclusion: Thereis a significant weak relationship between mercury exposure and the incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) . However, there is literature that states that exposure to mercury can cause developmental disorders in children, especially nerves.

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