Moral Values In Islam

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Hafiz Musannif Shah , Dr Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar , Dr Ayesha Jadoon , Talib Ali Awan , Hina Zia , Dr Shoaib Arif


God has created man in his own image i.e.,”fitrah” (an Arabic term) which means natural inclination, in simple words it can be termed as spiritual. Spirituality comes from the word spirit, which means soul of one, being oneself or the originality of an individual. It is Islam that says that ALLAH has not created man with animal instinct, He has given man a power to reason well, but behaviorists believe that man is created with an animal instinct and can only be trained well. With help of both Condition Theory and Islamic Education we can reach towards the common goal of wellbeing. Islamic Education teaches and trains human being to lead a spiritual life from “cradle to grave”. No religion except Islam gives a vivid explanation how to live a healthy life throughout. It explains each and every way through which we can led a balanced life. Before I tell you what I am talking about, let me put in a provision - I am a human, and have flaws - and in a way I am reminding myself about this aspect of Islam just as much as I am reminding you. There is an old saying which I have found to be very true: the best way to learn is to teach or discuss. By teaching something it forces you to compile, realize and reorganize. So if I do make a mistake, I ask you to forgive me.

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