Technical Progress And Its Aesthetic Interaction In Interior Design

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Ghufran Ghanem Jameel , A.M.D. Liqa Ahmed Abdel Rahman


Through the two researchers’ briefing on many (manufacturers of smart technologies), it became clear that there is a clear role that contributes to activating the aesthetics of modern technologies according to their design variables. Has this progress achieved an aesthetic interaction in interior design? While the goal of the research study is to reveal the pillars on which technical progress is based, by studying its aesthetic interaction in interior design, while its spatial and temporal limits include the interior spaces represented by (manufacturers of smart technologies) for the period from 2015-2021, while the research community adopted On the intentional selective method, where the intentional samples were determined by 33% of the original research community, while the research tool used was the analysis form that included (3) sub-axes, and the analysis was done on the basis of it, while the validity of the used tool was verified, as the analysis axes form was presented to A group of specialized experts, and then resorted to extracting the stability of the analysis through the adoption of the two researchers to the method of consistency between analysts, and thus the rate of reliability coefficient reached 82%, which is a very good percentage, to represent one of the pillars on which technical progress is based to reach an interior design aesthetically pleasing.

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