Effectiveness Of White Cane Usage And Social Adjustment Of Persons With Virtual Impairment

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Dr .Reem Abdullah Al-Kenani


This research work examined the effectiveness of white cane usage and the social adjustment of people with virtual impairment. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, the survey research method was adopted, while the convenience sampling technique was used to select two hundred and fifty (250) respondents as the sample size for the study. The instrument for data collection was a self-developed questionnaire. The method of data analysis employed was the independent t-test statistical tool. The study revealed that there is a difference in the social adjustment of people with visual impairment in long cane use; also that there was no link between (a) adjustment and educational aspirations; (b) adjustment and self-concept; and (c) adjustment and academic achievement in visually impaired children. The study recommended that visually impaired people should be made to appreciate the philosophy of mobility training by making sure that it is both development and reward-driven in nature.

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