Factors Affecting English Reading Skills At Collegiate Level In Pakistan

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Syed Hyder Raza Shah , Dr. Zulida Abdul Kadir , Sehar Naveed


English reading skills is one of the key issues faced by students of all levels. The study aims at exploring those factors which affecting English reading skills at collegiate level in Nawabshah, Pakistan. To understand the affecting factors, three objectives from the main aim of the study are constructed. First of all, the study intends to determine the attitude of college students towards English reading skills. Second is to find out the problems they faced while reading. Lastly is to know the strategies for improving English readings at college level. The study adopted qualitative paradigm in which semi structured interviews were conducted from randomly selected 9 students of different colleges of Nawabshah, Pakistan and 4 teachers of the same colleges. Interviews were recorded, transcribed and analyzed thematically. The results also showed that students possess both positive as well negative attitudes towards English reading skills. Students’ attitude is dependent upon the attitude of teachers, content of the syllabus and atmosphere of the classroom. The findings of the research showed that lack of vocabulary, having inadequate knowledge of English as a second language, difficulty in pronouncing the words, selection of text and lack of interest in reading are the major factors that affect English reading skills at college level. Moreover, teachers suggested some strategies to overcome the factors that affect English reading skills, such as in metacognitive reading strategies problem solving strategy works much better. It requires supportive environment and increases focuses for the reader. Overall, the background knowledge English as second language, reading attitudes and teachers’ motivation play constructive role in developing reading skills of collegiate students.

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