A Five-Pronged Evaluation In The Crafting of A Self-Learning Module in General Mathematics: A Case In The Philippines

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Gerel Mae S. Cortes , Blessy Gayle A. Sortones , Judith A. Alo , Reylan G. Capuno , Ramil P. Manguilimotan , Raymond C. Espina , Gengen G. Padillo


Many scientific investigations dealt with the use and effectiveness of a self-learning module (SLM) during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, so meager an inventory of research there is yet, if not scarce, which focused on how the curriculum contents and scholastic exercises embedded in the learning modules are being appraised as to their contributory influences on academic performance. Hence, this current study shall respond to some unanswered hypotheses in such a regard. Results revealed that the identified Grade 11 Filipino students, who have well-assessed the contents and integrative tasks to be generally effective in such SLM, are faring well in General Mathematics. Additionally, the correlation between SLM use and academic performance shows no significant relationship. However, such an outcome could capture the attention of all concerned educators and stakeholders within the academic community to hopefully address the matter on quality education during the new normal and beyond it.

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