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Dr. Sima Bhuyan


Assam is a state in the North East of India.  There are many ethnic groups living in Assam today.  Therefore, many languages ​​are spoken in Assam.  Some of these languages ​​have emerged in written form.  However, some languages ​​are still used in spoken form.  Again, some languages ​​are disappearing with the change of time due to lack of use among us. Many aspects of the ethnic languages ​​that are currently spoken or used in written form are still neglected and undiscovered.  These languages ​​require special study in order to be used or preserved.  Only then will these languages ​​survive in the future.  Among such languages, Dimasa is a language of the Tibeto-Burmese branch of the larger Sino-Tibetan language family.  Therefore, the topic ' Current Situation of Dimasa Language in Assam ' has been chosen for the research.


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