Reliable Cyber Security And Improvement In E-Learning System

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Aman Kumar , Dr. Anil Pandit , Dr. Sumanjeet Singh


Some of the cloud-based education solutions for distance learning that have been previously offered have a lack of security. Researchers have decided to strengthen security rather than reduce it, but this raises the question of performance, as it takes a long time to safeguard the data. Consideration of performance and security challenges in a cloud-based education system for remote learning is the topic of this research article. It is necessary to have a system in place that can protect educational materials while not impairing student learning. An online education system based on the cloud and its approach and constraints is discussed in this study. To ensure both security and performance, new research is needed, and the breadth of such a system is described. E-learning system security and performance have been the topic of an academic study in the field of cyber-security. Simulated results are compared against RSA-based results.

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