Effects Of The Gender And The Nature Of Sport On The Choice Of Adoption Of Teaching Styles By The Training Teachers

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Slim Khiari and Habib Ghedira


Our objective of research is to disclose styles of teaching the more adopted by the starting teachers (training), in order to assure, to their points of view, an efficient teaching and an active involvement of pupils in the educational act. To this object, we made recourse to a questionnaire addressed to 80 training teachers of the ISSEP of Sfax, distribute according to the gender and the nature of the sport taught. We note that the starting teachers always look for the sense of security that doesn't give them programs based on principles, rather than on a precise organization of progressions or matters to teach, while trying to imply, carefully, the pupil in the simple educational tasks. In general, the reproductive styles are the more used; what inhibits the role of pupils like active actors in the production of their own trainings.

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