The World Class University; A View Of Academic Culture, Development And Information Communication Technology

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Nur Aedi


This study explained about Information Communication Technology based on academic culture towards world class universities. The research was conducted on a small scale at the Indonesian University of Education and subsequently will be conducted on a medium scale and broad scale on all of legal entity college in Indonesia. This research is a new approach in higher education with managing based on data approach, through in the form of software that can be used in the development of higher education management innovations. This study analyzes academic culture development with information communication and technology based on the systems. The research findings are academic culture in higher education should develop by data systems based on, academic culture in higher education with legal entity has a significant difference, academic culture and structuring of the institutional system of state owned legal entity are manifested in several programs and the results of average comparison with a maximum score multiplied by 100 the achievement of understanding the special difficulties in the implementation of world class university was 74.6% and it can be interpreted that the average of Indonesia University of Education academic community has a good understanding of the specific difficulties in implementing world class university.

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