Implementation Of Introductory Education Teaching Materials To Improve Learning Outcomes

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In the current covid19 pandemic, it makes it difficult for students to get learning resources due to limited time and space various places such as pepustakaan are limited in the number of visitors, online references have not met the material studied on the syllabus for one semester. So it is difficult to find teaching materials. Actually, in the mathematics education study program, there are already introductory educational teaching materials developed by Zulyaidaini. But it has not been used in a systematic way.  This study aims to optimize the learning outcomes of introductory education courses by implementing educational teaching materials that have been developed. The research method used is class action research by using the Elliot model which consists of the stages of findings and fact analysis, planning stages, stages of action implementation, stages of monitoring and effects, stages of explanation of failures. The subject of the study was an even semester student of the 2020/2021 academic year in mathematics education totaling 11 students. The inference technique uses written tests, observations and data in the analysis using t-tests for related samples. The results showed that the learning process gets an increased process in each sirklus and the results obtained in each sirklus continue to increase, so that learning that implements introductory educational teaching materials can improve student learning outcomes. So it is recommended that in optimizing learning outcomes use introductory educational teaching materials that have been developed in accordance with student needs

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