Usefulness Of Dog-Assisted Therapy (Dat) In Depressive Disorders - A Case Series From Tamil Nadu

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Dr. Sobia P.R , Dr.Mrinalini Reddy , Dr.Jyothi Madhusoodhanan Nair , Dr.Arul Saravanan , SRM Institute of Science and Technology


It has been known since the olden days that Animals, particularly dogs, were found to have positive effects on humans. They bring about a sense of calmness and increases the well being in them. There are a limited number of studies in India that have been conducted with regard to Dog Assisted Therapy (DAT) in those diagnosed with Depressive Disorders. Hence, this case series aims to show the clinical effectiveness of Canine Therapy in reducing depressive features as an Adjuvant Therapy to the primary management of clients with clinical depression. DAT has a biological aspect to it and unless given by a certified therapist can have negative consequences for clients. In this case series, clients were assessed and evaluated in detail. Once diagnosed with a Depressive Disorder, consent was obtained and the Protocol for DAT was followed and they were assessed for improvement in their symptoms. Dog Assisted Therapy shows promising results indicating that it can be used as an add-on Therapy. However, more evidence based studies are required.

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