Psychological Factors That Influence The Level Of Liking To Local Food "Tinutuan Instant" In Pregnant And Breastfeeding Mothers In Disaster Locations

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Grace K.L. Langi , Rudolf B. Purba , Irza N.Ranti , Phembriah S. Kereh , Nonce N.Legi , , Jufri Sineke , Daniel Robert , Muksin Pasambuna


This paper aims to explore the psychological factors that play a role in the preference for local instant tinutuan food among pregnant and lactating mothers in disaster-prone locations. The researcher used a qualitative approach to achieve the research objectives. Researchers collected data through observation, analysis, and semi-structured interviews. The results show that the traditional tinutuan (Manado porridge) cuisine has undergone innovation. For some time the traditional tinutuan recipe consisted of porridge and one kind of vegetable. The pandemic period has made writers interested in innovating traditional tinutuan into instant tinutuan. Although in instant tinutuan the matter of taste and shape is not much different from traditional tinutuan, psychological factors still play a role in choosing the favorite taste.

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