The Modernization Process Of Traditional Kyrgyz Society

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Tazagul Bazarkulova , Venera Dzhanibekova , Kanyshay Nurdinova , Gulumbu Tokoeva , Zhamilya Azimova , Gulzat Amatova , Dunuyakan Eshenalieva , Zhamila Akmatova


This article discusses the problem of the process of modernization of the Kyrgyz society, it also talks about the fact that the main role in the process of modernization of the Kyrgyz people was played by the fact that the Russian and Kyrgyz people were at different phases of socio-economic development, and at the same time the Russian side in The interaction of both peoples acted as an unconditionally dominant force that dictated the terms of the relationship. The accession of new territories to the Russian Empire meant, in fact, not only their inclusion in the new state, but also the elimination, elimination of any possibility of creating national statehood among the annexed peoples.

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