A Comparative Study Of Consortia And Cooperation In Libraries

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Wade Darshana Pandharinath , Dr. Arun Modak


A proposed model for library consortia is portrayed to outline the advantages that can assist organizations with beating these issues and difficulties looked by the libraries for smooth working. The proposed cross-asset sharing model might give a proper stage to the two organizations and distributers that can upgrade the library cooperation and joint effort in a significantly more powerful way by beating the asset issues and to empower an appropriate stage in adlibbing the library administrations. By accomplishing an effective furthermore, fitting library consortia model, the cooperation and coordinated effort drives for the libraries gives a viable outcome and better administrations to its clients.

Asset sharing endeavours of at least two libraries offer better types of assistance to the local area. Beginning of library cooperation, Nature, Reason for development of library cooperation, Models of library cooperation, Major obstructions to cooperation, Criticism of cooperation, and the future situation introduced in the article

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